Who would have thought?

it wasn't even close. The Flick came in LAST PLACE.  I guess all her internet thugs failed her, or as we all suspected only about a dozen people read the blogs and it takes more than a dozen to win an election.

  Here's the final vote tally.

GWENDOLYN CROSS 1,534 35.51% MARCELO CO 1,583 36.64% BONNIE FLICKINGER 1,203 27.85%

    As expected the Movalians voted for bigger government with an elected mayor, but said no to raising the bed tax. Lots more surprises in this election.  Marcia Amino, who would have been a good choice came in last.   In the second district no one else had a chance. The incumbent had the money, the big name support and worked harder than anyone else to get elected. The school board held a few surprises and the smell of recall is in the air. Stay tuned.

The Deepest Cut

After kicking in black-owned barbershop doors, Moreno Valley ends up having to pay up

By: James Abraham

You’ve heard of driving while black, right? Well, how about barbering while black?


Now here's something I know about, having worked in and owned barber shops and barber colleges from 1953 to 1981.  Barber shop inspections are not raids by armed police nor code enforcement officers, but by employees of the state department of consumer affairs. Having seen and been involved in dozens of these, I'll explain the procedure.   The agent enters the establishment, announces his position and proceeds to inspect for sanitary violations. He will check the sterilizing solution and observe the cleanliness of the shop. If there is a minor violation he will verbally point it out. If it's something more serious he (or she) will give a written notice, much like a fixit ticket and return in a month to check on compliance. There are no guns, handcuffs, uniforms and it is not conducted like a drug raid.  In this instance in the many shops they found a little marijuana (likely much less than they could find on any public school campus) and a gun. Having a gun in your place of business is not illegal, so for all the resources spent on police, state inspectors and code enforcement officers they scored one small infraction and got to spend untold thousands on attorneys to defend their actions and still ended loosing the suit and paying off the offended barbers.   Standard operating procedure and just another reason why it's called MORON VALLEY.


Sacramento Bee reports


California is home to four of the most corrupt members of Congress, according to an annual report released today by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

It's a bipartisan distinction in California. The list includes Democrats Maxine Waters and Laura Richardson and Republicans Ken Calvert and Jerry Lewis.


Flick Farewell

at city hall at 5 PM on December 7th (a day that will live in infamy)  The end of an error. Light refreshments will be served at taxpayer expense so invite all your hungry homeless friends.  Latest news, the tax loving chamber of commerce is financing this, but, they will be reimbursed with taxpayer money.


Special Message From Moreno Valley Councilman Jesse Molina Regarding Norma Lopez

    First of all, Lidia and I would like to express our deepest and sincerest condolences to the Lopez family during these times of great sadness. 

Unfortunately it has been apparent that certain individuals are attempting to discredit our city and staff during the situation at hand in order to push for ulterior motives. 

With that I would like to call on all city officials, elected officials, board members, chambers of commerce, business owners, and Moreno Valley citizens to take this opportunity to join in unity for the greater good of working together positively to keep this effort on track without negative hindrances which may be of burdens to the Moreno Police department and the FBI. 

I believe that keeping the community well and truthfully informed, within the parameters allowed by the officials in charge, would be helpful in keeping any potential conflicts at bay during these difficult times in our city’s history. 

 Thank you very much. 

Sincerely and respectfully, 


Jesse Molina


 Community activist Ruthee Goldkorn swelters in the sun while warning Movalians of the questionable towing practices of recent days at the strip mall next to the Postal Avenue U.S. Post Office.

        If you're going to use the post office park only in the post office lot or nearby, not in the shopping center to the East. You might want to tell the owners of the businesses in that center of your displeasure with their predatory acts.


Make a personalized gift at Zazzle.



Enjoy the air show?  If you are a Moreno Valley taxpayer, you financed it.

(and you thought the city was running out of money)



Psalm 82-4 Rescue the weak and needy;  Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.

Over 500 Marching against the checkpoints and for immigration reform.

Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.  Benjamin Franklin


  Early 2010 there was a big flap over the used of city credit cards. I've heard this graphic put some city hall ovaries in an uproar.

Graffiti Removal in 24 Hours?

That's the story the moval overlords are selling, but the poor fellow who owns this wall waited TWO MONTHS to get it cleaned up.


Utility Tax Reduction?

Mentioned at the moval city council meeting? Don't get your hopes up! That will happen about the same time as George Washington's TEMPORARY tax on alcohol to pay for the revolutionary war is repealed. Sounds like someone on the council is hoping for higher office (aren't they all?) and an assembly seat will be open soon.

It's name changing time in moval again

The last time they changed the historic names on the south side from classic aviation names like Vultee to hopeful names like Courage and Success. It worked great then. The drug dealers in that area are more courageous and successful than ever. This time it's the high roller developers that want to change the name of their area to avoid the stigma of the name Moreno Valley. Rancho Belago. Doesn't that sound nice? Bella Pendejos would be more fitting, but the city always does what the developers tell them. It's our tax money that they will use to do that, and it's obvious they have too much of that.

They will never learn that the name has no effect on a street or an area. Has there ever been a rodeo on Rodeo Drive? Or even a horse?

Didn't Shakespeare discover this a couple of centuries ago?

FLASH, I just got a call from city hall carefully explaining to me that I'm wrong and that the name change is a great idea. I take it all back! (I think they are going to buy my beach front property in Cabazon too)

Perhaps a city naming contest would work. I always liked the name COMPTON but that's already taken. Considering our level of gang activity and execution style murders, CHICAGO might be a good option, or perhaps Godfather IV, CIUDAD DE DON CORLEONE or Rancho Bellamuerte


A New Low!!

It didn't happen in moval, but it could have. Check the P.E. for the story about the Alcoholic Beverage Control Nazis citing some old ladies in Elsinore for running a sports pool at the local elks lodge. Now's the time for our new District Attorney to show some intiative and send these wannabe cops packing along with their C.S. complaint!!! Common Rod! Show some class!

A Million Bucks For A War Memorial, Paid From Moval Park Funds?

Yea, only 750,000 was budgeted, but if you think it's not going to go over a mil, I still have that beach front property in Cabazon available.

You'd think that naming a park after a desert storm soldier and being right next to the March Airfield museum and national cemetary would be quite enough in the memorials to war but not in moron valley, and a free war surplus cannon or citizen sponsored memorial is not enough. Seven figures has to be taken from our park fund to erect this Orwellian windmill, whilst the city bureaucrats explain to the children why there aren't enough sports fields to go around.


There is so much foolishness going on around here to justify the moron valley name that it's hard to keep up with it all. The sudden need for a six figure deputy city manager and a utilities manager at $170,000. a year. And they told us that if we voted for the utility tax they would fight crime. They sure are! The moval hitler youth are setting up liquor sellers so they can be cited for selling to under age folks. That for sure will make the murder rate drop well below the 2006

The Truth At last? Or a Freudian Slip?

"We're not targeting people who have a legitimate need, who have a prescription, for marijuana," she said. "We're concerned about businesses that have more than the legal amount. We're concerned about those that are selling marijuana under the guise of a dispensary for profit-making reasons."

That from a Riverside County Spokesmodel explaining why they are going after a MM provider. I've always supected that those who don't have the ability to create a profit hated those who do. Businesses who don't make a profit don't last very long. For the full story, check out The Desert Sun Newspaper.



Your tax dollars at work!

Melting perfectly good guns into rebar. I guess it's something to do to keep busy when not busting sick people for smoking pot.




New Moreno Valley Park Named For Mervins...

Did you get your slick sheet full color 8 page propaganda flyer from the moval school board today? Mine was stuffed inside my copy of the daily newspaper. Your tax dollars at work! I've bought lots of printing and I know slick sheet full color work is not cheap. I wonder if it occurred to any on the school board that they could spend that money educating students. Nah, that's probably prosecutable as heresy.

Proposition 215 in the Moreno Valley Doddle Mode

Did ya ever notice how when the guvment wants a law it's enforced immediately, like making money on fines for minor violations, but when they don't want something they have to study it to death. That's the case here in moval. Proposition 215 has been the law for over ten years, and Senate Bill 420 has for three, yet the only action in moval is to send it to the city attorney for study. What A CROCK


The Voting Machines..... A good reason to vote absentee

This from the Valley Times. Some folks just don't like it when you speak your mind. Yes, that's me, after my commentary on the way park fees were spent back in the 1990s


The Utility Biz

Like many of the big cities, Moval has gone into the business of selling electricity. Is this the proper role for government? This is a logo I made to illustrate their folly.

In the January 17 04 Press it was reported that Redlands police terminated with extreme prejudice, one each kitty cat, with no apology to the owner. The response of the department was to issue binoculars to the officers. Let's hope that they provided more training in the use of the binoculars than they did in the use of firearms and wildlife identification, because if the binoculars are turned backwards everything appears smaller and an unsuspecting citizen may be terminated having been mistaken for a space invader.

MLK Day 2000, Dark Valley, California
In yesterday's Riverside Press Enterprise.... In the Travel Section (G)..... On the front page..... At the bottom..... Be sure to read the article by Bob Dart, Getting there was half the fun. It features a part of a display of paintings of road side attractions now on display in the Washington D.C. National Building Museum. The article features a color rendering of the dinosaurs at Cabazon, just a few miles to the East of Dark Valley.
This article brought back memories the many interesting architectural wonders that I saw growing up in the Los Angeles area. In Huntington Park there was the Owl Cafe, shaped like an owl, diners made from railroad dining cars, restaurants shaped like blimps, and the many doughnut shops adorned with massive plaster doughnuts.
One of the most interesting structures could be seen near the Pacific Electric railroad tracks in Watts, was later to be named The Watts Towers. At the time, I knew not what they were, and being a curious child, I'm sure that I asked and received no answers. I later learned that they were built by the Italian immigrant Simon Rodia. He called the towers "Our Town" and it was his homage to the city of Los Angeles and The United States of America. Here the words of Simon Rodia.

"I have
nobody to help me out. I was a poor man. Had
little to do at a time. Nobody helped me. I
think if I hire a man he don't know what to do.
A million times I don't know what to do myself.
I never had a single helper. Some of the people
say What was he doing...some of the people think
I was crazy and some people said I was going to
do something. I wanted to do something in the
United States because I was raised here you
understand. I wanted to do something for the
United States because there are nice people in
this country."

Simon Rodia moved away in 1955 and shortly after his monument to America became the target of city bureaucrats, the Los Angeles department of building and safety, who ordered the towers demolished. Fortunately a group of determined people joined together and successfully stopped the onslaught of the bureaucrats and the structure stands today and is being preserved by the Getty Institute.

The Watts Towers is one of the very few surviving monuments of California's colorful past. So many of the rest have fallen victim to tunnel visioned government androids, and all upcoming visionaries, those who would do something different, like Mr. Rodia are banned by the government from fulfilling their dreams.

As I look around Moreno Valley I see houses that are almost identical. Rectangular things with red tile roofs. The Denny's Restaurant here is the same as the ones I've patronized in Phoenix and Tulsa. The McDonalds is the same as the ones in Pennsylvania and Taiwan.

Moreno Valley is little different from other parts of the country in the year 2000. Imagination and individuality are discouraged from the cradle to the grave and mediocrity has become the anointed goal.

We've lost something since the days of Simon Rodia, and even Martin Luther King. It's OK to have a dream so long as that dream is within the boundaries carved in stone by the building and safety Nazis. It's just enough to make a person use the "F" word, and I will here.