~ Moreno Valley Gang Wars ~

(Had enough? Ready to do something about it?)

        At last months Moreno Valley City Council meeting on funding of gang police was increased. Although this is a noble effort, it's like dumping a thimble of water on a forest fire.  There was mention of making Moreno Valley gang free, but that's been tried in Compton, Lynwood, Los Angeles and a plethora of other places with no results.

    How insane has it become in Moval?  Spend a couple bucks and buy a simple app for your iPhone called Scanner 911 or 5-0 radio and listen.  You'll be surprised at the amount of action and it's no longer just the south side, central Sunnymead and Edgemont, as in the past, but everywhere, including the elite Rancho Bellago.

It would make entirely too much sense to arm the park rangers. By law, they are peace officers and must complete a police academy. That would increase our law enforcement presence at no cost.  Another option would be to replace the neutered "park patrol volunteer" program with a park ranger reserve, providing many more peace officer hours at minimal cost.

    Arm the animal control officers with something other than tranquilizer guns, and you have an additional level of protection.  Of course, you can arm yourself, but in this county personal protection is not an acceptable reason to obtain a CCW, so obviously it's more politically correct to become a dead victim than to defend yourself.

    Norco and other communities have armed mounted posses. There is NO REASON why Moreno Valley can't have at least one. We're much larger than Norco.

An inside look at the mall

Read the comments at the bottom of the article, it's very revealing.





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